6 Tips For Training Your Cats To Drink From Pet Water Fountain

6 Tips For Training Your Cats To Drink From Pet Water Fountain

So, you’ve bought a pet water fountain. Unfortunately, your cats show no interest or are even frightened of the strange new things. This can be frustrating and concerning because one way you can invest in your cat’s health and ensure they are hydrated is by providing them with a pet water fountain. To get your cats used to drink from the pet water fountain.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to get your cats to drink from the pet water fountain.


  • Clean and Rinse the Water Fountain Before Use

Even the newly arrived pet water fountains are brand new, but it does not mean they are ready to use. Wash it thoroughly with plain water or the soap if they have a strong scent (make sure you wash off all the soap). Wrap them dry after washing or open-air drying to clear all the new product smell. Rinsing the filter also is a necessary step.

  • Allow Them to Investigate

Cats may be too vigilant to come up to the pet water fountain or ignore its existence. Give them enough time to investigate, you may have to be involved in this process. While they are hesitating or watching, start playing with your cats and then gently put their paws in the pet water fountain. This will let them understand that the new object contains water, and it’s safe.

  • Keep Food Away From the Fountain

Cats don’t like their food to get wet. Cats may be less interested in the pet water fountain if it splashes, for fear it may get their food wet. So, a pet water fountain with steady and gentle running mode help to reduce the chance of splashing. But if your cats are messy drinkers, you’d better keep the pet water fountain away from their food bowl.

  • Keep Fresh Water Available in a Different Bowl

If cats still hold their protective instincts, be patient, and continue to provide them with other alternative sources of water, both pet water fountain and bowl are fine. Forcing them to drink from pet water fountains by removing other water sources is not a good idea. That may not help and also cause some negative reactions.

  • Reward Your Cat for Using The Fountain

When your cats sniff, walk around and the best one, drink from the pet water fountain, even when it is turned off, give them a treat. More treats for better performance. Treats help them to know that gets close to the fountain is something good and provides positive reinforcement for drinking from the new pet water fountain.

  • Slowly Remove Other Water Source and Taper Back on Rewards

Once your cats start drinking from the fountain, you’re one step left to success. Monitor how much and how often they are drinking after their first drinks. This last step helps you determine when you can remove other water sources, and how often should you change water to keep it fresh, which will entice your cats to drink more. As long as they develop a solid association with the pet water fountain, you can slowly taper back on rewards but verbally praise them.


Step by step, take patience, you’ll train them well on drinking from the fountain. It is also a rule that works to every pet training and relationship building. Pet water fountains are Hydration Stations for pets, not an exaggeration.


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