5 Funny Toys for Your Puppy Outdoor Activities

brown long coated dog playing soccer ball

As a dog lover, if you are planning to adopt a new puppy, you ought to have several dog toys around; there are varieties of outdoor dog toys that are locally available in the market that can make your dog happy while at home. If you fail to provide your puppy with toys, it can become destructive by tearing items and any other things it comes across, especially if you live in the apartment with your puppy. If you want your puppy not to mess up with the items, buy the toys which will amuse the puppy. Every dog owner ought to have toys for the dog, no matter the age of the dog.

5 Funny Toys for Your Puppy Outdoor Activities

  1. Laika latex Squeaky Dog Chewing Ball

The ball is made of soft natural materials like vinyl and rubber that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is fitted with a squeaker device. When it gets squeezed, the air is forced out of the squeaker, resulting in a whistling sound. The high-pitched sound from the chew ball attracts the puppies. This item is available in small to medium size, the puppy can bite easily, and children can hold it with little struggle. The sound excites the puppies and makes them bite the ball. The latex material is durable because it is elastic and friendly to the puppies’ teeth.

  1. Best Skateboards for Dogs and Bulldogs

People are known to skate along with the skate parks for fun; dog lovers can buy a skateboard for their dogs, especially when training them. The owner ought to skate with their four-legged friends to perfect their skills.

When shopping for a skateboard for your dog, you ought to choose a suitable skateboard that fits your dog’s size. The dog ought to train mastering skating skills while it is still a puppy. When the dog has learned and gained confidence, it can give good company to the owner when skating in the park. There are varieties sizes of skateboards sizes for every size of a dog. Longboard with 76X25 cm is suitable for medium to larger breeds, while 62X18 cm is good for smaller dogs. Bulldogs are best at skating on the board due to their sizes, and they can control themselves well due to their low center of gravity.

  1. Plush Dogs Toys

These toys are made of rubber and stuffed with soft materials inside; the toy is also called stuffed animals and comes in different shapes and sizes. The stuffing can be pieces of clothes or polyester. Most plush dog toys are stuffed with polyester, which is a type of plastic that is friendly to dogs and hard to get torn. The outer cover of the plush toys is elastic and can’t be torn easily, compared to one made from fabrics.

Plush toys excite puppies due to their shapes if you have a new puppy in your home, it is advisable to buy several plush dog toys to keep the puppies busy.

  1. Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are made of rubber that can’t wear out fast due to being bitten by the dog. These balls are non-toxic bouncy rubber materials of bright colors that make them visible to the dogs, especially when playing. The balls are commonly used when training your dog on how to retrieve things in the field and are also used at home when playing with your dog in the park or yard.

  1. Flying Disc

A flying disc is also known as a Frisbee and is a type of disc made of plastic that glides when thrown by the thrower. It is a gliding toy used during competitive games or when just playing in the park. The discs are in different sizes; the small ones are suitable for smaller breeds and puppies. The larger discs are for larger dogs like German shepherds. The size of your dog determines the size of the disc that you will buy. Mini Pomeranian requires a smaller disc that it can pick with ease when playing.

Don’t Forget to Bring Dog Poop Bags with You

Dog poop bags are eco-friendly made of plant-based materials; they can’t harm the environment but can decompose after a few weeks after disposal in the right place. Dog poop bags are recommended for dog owners to place the dog’s poop; the bag is eco-friendly compared to plastic bags that take a long time to disintegrate. These bags are recyclable and thick enough to prevent the unpleasant odor of poop. When going for a long walk or going to the park where you might take a longer time, don’t forget to carry the dog poop bags because you never know when the dog poops. Carrying the bags is advisable to avoid dog pooping in the open field; when you have dog poop bags, you can scoop the poop and place them in the bag.

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