5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Pets in 2021

Laika 5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Pets in 2021

Thanksgiving is a jewel day of togetherness and gratitude, and we’re privileged to give thanks to family and friends who make a difference in our life. Pets are all of them. It’s amazing how much love and laughter they can bring into our lives; the road to my heart paved with paw prints will never fade away💖. Canines and felines have changed my life with their unconditional love, and I will give that back with precious gifts🎁.

LAIKA PETS curated a group of functional, essential, unique for pets gifts that celebrate dogs and cats – and their loving owners.

Gift Guide:

Best Cat Water Fountain💧

Best Dog Toys🦴

Best Beds & Mats for Dogs🐶

Best Grooming Tools🐾

Best for Dog Walks (poop bag/leash)🐕

  • Best Cat Water Fountain💧

Stay hydrated matters A LOT! You may pray for God times that your feline kids will never ever get sick. Indeed, drinking enough water prevents cats from having urinary infections and kidney disease. Large capacity of 2.7L/90oz, quadruple filtration system, Plus UV germicidal light in equipment, fresh running water encourage cats to drink more. Get your felines “wet” with LAIKA Aqua Cat Water Fountain.

laika cat water fountain

Apply with LAIKA Replacement Filters; Aqua works like a charm! Check the “After” use, Ewww!  SHOP NOW.

laika water fountain filter

  • Best Dog Toys🦴

🥎Best Squeaky Dog Chew Ball

Ideal gifts for energetic dogs or those who love the joy of ripping apart! These 5 balls can offer your dog that joy lasts long enough. One Q: What is interactive play like? Let your dog play their nature! Perfect toys to arouse dog’s interest, give consistent reactions with sounds, animal butt-shaped style – cutie for cutie. SPOIL YOUR DOG with these awesome dog toys!

laika best dog toys

🛹Best Dog Skateboard

Let your kids be Dominic Toretto! Entertain them with speed. Widened and sturdy, high-speed bearings, S-L sizes, Beginners or Pros. Make your furry kids Happy & Trendy. SHOP DOG  SKATEBOARD NOW!

  • Best Beds & Mats for Dogs🐶

laika best dog beds&mats

It’s the holiday season! People who keep visiting may bring anxiety to canines, and a personalized, comfortable spot helps ease the nerve. Soft & fluffy beds & mats mimics the warmth and security of a mother dog’s coat, raised rims to double for healthy cozy sleep and rests. The coolest thing makes it stands out – all washable & waterproof. Dogs need their snuggles!

  • Best Grooming Tools🐾

🐶😺Best Brush for Dogs and Cats

We all have to be the cutest, prettiest and hottest chics! A big NO for the messy coat! Brush out up to 95% lose hair, LAIKA Dogs & Cats Brushes cut down on shedding dramatically. Easy-to-clean stuck hair on brushes also reduce the need for vacuuming.

laika best dog&cat brush

🐶😺Best Dogs & Cats Nail Trimmers

Are you dreaming about being a pet groomer? Of course, you can be if with these grooming tools. Sharp enough to get neat, clean nails with one cut, different designs for over-cutting the quick. Must-have gifts to stylish your pets.

laika professional dog&cat nail clipper

🐶Best Electric File for Dogs

A multitasker, for sure. Taylor for pet parents or pets who live in fear of clippers, this quiet, USB charging nail grinder featuring infinitely adjustable speed helps you get out of the clipping nightmare. Trimming and filing at the same time!


  • Best for Dog Walks (poop bag/leash)🐕

🦮Best Retractable Dog leash

Do we walk dogs, or do dogs walk us? Now, a 16ft, 360° tangle-free LAIKA retractable dog leash allows you and your pups a free walk. Made of strong ABS material, it’s sturdy, has a quick-lock mechanism, and is reflective.

laika retractable dog leash

💩Best Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

Being a loving dog’s mom or dad, we bear the responsibility of picking up when walking furry four-legged kids outdoors, and dog poop bags are 100% your must-have. Being responsible Earth residents, we take the lead in protecting the Earth to stay green. The best gift of all? Yes, it is. Thus, we thank our furry babes for being with us and showing our gratitude to Mother Earth for offering all the resources.


  • Pets Deserve to Indulge💝

    I am thankful for – paw prints on my floor

                                  slobbery kisses on my face

                                  nose prints on my window

    I am thankful for my pets because they COMPLETE my life.

    With all the love and gratitude, pets deserve the joy of gifts because joy is the simplest form of all that.


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