4 Reasons Why You Need A Fountain?

4 Reasons Why You Need A Fountain?

“Water fountains can entice pets to drink more”

For Pets

  • Their instinctive for running water

Pets, especially cats, have an instinctive desire for running water.

Cats instinctively knew that running water is much safer than stagnant water, which is a natural preference carried over from their wild ancestors.

“Neuroticism reflects the traits of insecurity, anxiousness, fearfulness of people, suspiciousness, and shyness.” According to the research "The 'Feline Five': An exploration of personality in pet cats (Felis catus)."

A part of the reason why cats prefer flowing water is due to their traits of suspiciousness.

Thus, cat’s instincts and their personalities affecting their favor for drinking water.


  • Much Cleaner and Fresher Water Always Available

Unlike the water bowl, which may be dusty and “furry” after drinking for a while, pet water fountains have filtration systems. Tap water or the long-stand water in the tank is dirty, so most water fountains are featured a “Filtration System” for keeping the constantly flowing water clean and fresh.

A pet water fountain can range from simple filtration that removes foreign objects (hair debris, impurities, dust, etc.) to a more advanced filtration system with anti-bacterial filters.

"The pet water bowl has previously been identified as the third most contaminated item within the household, which suggests that they are capable of disease transmission.”

With the filtration system, bacteria can be effectively eliminated, and you can provide a safe source of fresh water for your furry friends.

This alone can be the reason for you to have a pet water fountain.

For You

  • No More Worries

We may encounter this situation: You have to go on a business trip for 2 or 3 days, even for a week. As a pet owner, a question pops into your head immediately- “What about my pets?” This is the concern that many working pet parents share.

Keep pets hydrated and full is a must for pet owners. No matter what you're out for, be sure you prepare enough food and drink in advance.  And it would be much easier if you got a pet water fountain.

So having a water fountain helps you to water your fur kids when you’re out. You work, you also give care. And then when you’re back, both successful and loving mom you are.

That’s what a pet water fountain can offer you.


  • Save Time

A pet water fountain has more parts than a bowl, but it doesn’t mean there is much more work and time to keep it clean.

You clean the tank just like washing the bowl: easy-to-clean means time-saving.

A large tank ensures a large water capacity; you do not need to refill it as often.

The filtration system cleans out the fur and other dirt, you do not have to replace water daily.

Less time on water refilling does not mean that you’re less caring. Instead, you provide them with safer love and supports. Make the time worthier by building your bond.

Make every moment with your furry babies accounts!


To be honest, offering your kids better care is the only reason that you need.

And that’s what LAIKA offers.


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