10 Essential Things You Should Get to Welcome Your Furry Friend Properly

10 Essential Things to Welcome Your Furry Friend Properly

Every true animal lover out there has probably considered animal adoption at least once in their life. If you're one of them and have finally decided that now is the right time to adopt a dog, our checklist will help you prepare everything for the arrival of your new family member. 

New Dog Checklist 

Although very noble, animal adoption can be a challenging step, especially if your new furry friend has been through some trauma. To ensure the transitioning phase goes as smooth as possible and you and your dog develop a healthy relationship, you need to prepare a few essentials.

  • A Cage Suitable for the Size of the Dog

One of the first and most important things is to get a suitable cage, not too small, not too big. To do that, you'll have to measure your dog's height and length and then add around 4 inches to those measures. What you get will be the ideal dimensions for your dog's cage. You should also keep in mind the choice of material since these cages can be made of plastic, wood, and metal.

  • Potty and Diapers

There are indoor potties that can make your life with a new pet a lot easier but keep in mind that potty training can be difficult with a new pup. Still, you have to go through that rough phase. So make sure there is a potty and enough diapers in the right size and with a high absorbance level. Try finding diapers with soft linings, so your puppy doesn't get a rash or irritation.

  • Keep Fresh Water Nearby

A Dog Drinking from Laika Pet Fountian Besides sofa

    It is essential that there's always some fresh water nearby, but if you're afraid your pet might not have enough fresh water in a day, you can always choose a dog drinking fountain. With so many options available, we know it might be hard to decide which pet water fountain is the best, so do a bit of research to ensure you get just the right one.

    • Collars & Dog Leash

    a dog with laika retractable dog leash on

      These come in many colors and sizes, so we are sure you'll have loads of fun while deciding which one to get. They do wear off after a while, so you can even get a spare one. But if you decide on a retractable dog leash, keep in mind your dog's size. Not all dogs will be happy about wearing them, so give them some time to adjust.

      • Brush & Dog Nail Clippers

      You probably won't take your dog to a grooming salon all the time, so you need to have some essential tools such as a comb and clippers at home. Since there are several types of those, make sure you're familiar with all kinds of dog nail clippers out there before you make a decision. If you're not experienced with it, and your dog is not cooperating, taking your pet to a professional groomer might be worth it.

      • Couch Covers for Dogs


        Couch covers are very useful for everyone who has a pet who likes to take an afternoon nap on a couch like a diva. Still, they can also be a great detail that will change the look of your old sofa and give it a fresh vibe. However, most importantly, these covers will protect your couch from dog hair, scratches, and all sorts of accidents, which is why you should consider investing in a water-resistant one.

        • Dog Soft Towel

        It is best that your dog has its own towel from the beginning because these special dog towels are usually made of microfiber, which is more absorbent and therefore more suitable for them than the ones people use. Your dog will be clean and dry in no time, which is particularly important during the winter months.

        • Dog Food

        Your new furry friend needs nutrition, and by that, we don't mean your leftovers. Although there are certain human foods that dogs can eat, we recommend you get foods that are suitable for the age and breed of your new puppy, for starters. You can also get some treats that will help you train him and establish a good relationship from the very beginning.

        • Dog Poop Bags

        a dog sitting on grass with laika dog poop bags on paws

          Dogs are outdoor animals, so outdoor activities are bound to happen. So dog poop bags are of essentials for adopted dog, who may not be trained or taught. And to be an eco-friendly dog owner, we strongly recommend checking out biodegradable and compostable poop bags. They are not that expensive, and one package can last for months, so it is a great investment.

          • Automatic Feeding Feeder

          An automatic feeding feeder is one of those smart home gadgets for pets that can make your life ten times easier. If you're working, or you have to go out, but you don't want to disrupt your dog's newly established feeding routine, this machine will do wonders. You can choose the exact time and amount of food, and your doggy won't stay hungry.

          Now You're All Set and Ready to Adopt a Dog

          We hope you found our checklist helpful and are now ready to begin your animal adoption adventure. Don't forget to be patient with a new animal, they might need some time to adapt to a new space, new routines, and a new owner. Make sure you're ready for this step because, yes, dogs are cute, but they are not just some accessories. They are living beings who require lots of attention and care.

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